A little encouragement to learn how to fall in self love goes a long way. 

Last year, around 2 am, I got the urge to write out my feelings to you. More than likely, at this hour, I'm in my zone. I call it my magic hour. It's when I'm most creative, when the house is quiet, and I feel the energy around me, calm. We had just come down from an amazing, but testing week over at VLB and I was overwhelmed with all kinds of feelings. But above all, I was feeling LOVE. 

Viva La Bonita would be nothing if it wasn't for the community that powers the brand. Everything that has happened, happening, and will happen is because of YOU. I have learned that the BONITAS are human beings that are proud, loud, determined, and good people. We come from different backgrounds, different cultures, different perspectives, different experiences. But we come together in the name of BONITA. We're confident girls, hype girls, sad girls, trying to figure it out girls, don't really feel any type of way girls. We are deserving of LOVE, but above all the types of love, we deserve SELF LOVE. So here's my LOVE letter to you. The one I wrote at 2am with my baby boy sleeping next to me, in my grandmothers house, that will LOVE you no matter who you are. 

"I hope that you feel beautiful today. That you are filled with hope & optimism. That you feel your power & believe in your magic. I hope you do all of the the things you want to do. You are worthy & you are capable."


-Rachel G. Founder of VLB.


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  • Just what I needed to motivate me to put down my cellphone (after I do a little shopping) and go do what I’m meant to do.

    Anamaria on
  • I love your clothes line. I just decided to research you alittle more. This blog right here spoke to me and my heart. Amazing. Sending my love <3

    Alicia on
  • Lets do this baby girl. I wish u love and much success!

    Joann Mancilla on
  • I feel your 2am energy girl, thank you for sharing 💜

    Cee on

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