Do you ever find yourself feeling hella empowered, on a good wave, feeling unstoppable, and then come across something on IG that kills your vibe?  Girl, I've been there. And IT SUCKS. But instead of cancelling IG and comparing myself to others, I TOOK ACTION. Here is a mix of actions and lessons I learned to not let social media kill my vibe. 

  1. THE MUTE BUTTON: Mute accounts from people that make you feel some type of way. Protecting your energy and keeping your mind A1 should be your priority. Some may say, "if you're gonna mute them why not just unfollow them?" Well, you're right, but the first step I want to take is let the IG Algorithm know who I want to see and who I don't. Boom. You can mute peoples stories and posts. And lets be real, sometimes unfollowing certain people will make your life extra complicated.. ahem (family, "friends", colleagues, etc)
  2. UNFOLLOW PEOPLE: Sometimes you just gotta say FUCK IT and do a deep social media cleanse. Unfollow accounts that trigger your anxiety and don't make you feel happy. Last time I checked, taking care of your mental health, taking control of your emotions, and conquering your anxiety isn't being a "hater" or "unsupportive". Our daily routines already take so much energy from us, the last thing you need is to owe someone or a situation your good energy. It's called surviving the "Era of Social Media."
  3. STOP COMPARING: Why do we compare our lives to other peoples lives? Why? We do it without even realizing we are doing it. I can't believe that at one point in my life, I let someone else's IG life make me question mine. Girl, this is the dumbest shit I ever let myself go through. But I'm glad I went through it because it lead me to the breakthrough I needed. Whether you are religious or not, you need to believe that there is a force that is leading us through life. And life has us on a journey that we are responsible for. Our timing, our accomplishments, our everything is tailored to us. What we want is already out there and it exists. Focus on YOUR journey of self discovery and find "your things". Stop, it girl. You are not them, they are not you. Period.
  4. FEEDS ARE CURATED: Picture perfect life has a behind the scenes we don't see. I don't know who needs to read this but, we all wake with morning breath, grenuda AF, and feel like an amargada from time to time. However, nobody is obligated to share their entire life with you. Realize that we pick and choose what we want to publicize. Users filter their photos, plan their next posts, pre write captions... Imagine a social media app that posted one's entire life at any given moment, without them knowing? We would see that NOBODY IS PERFECT. Don't idolize someone else's life girl. Appreciate your life, find the good in your day, and redirect your energy back to you. You are hella worthy, you are capable, and most importantly you are HUMAN. Feel free to be messy AF, emotional, and real. Eres magia Mujer, don't forget that. 
  5. DELETE THE APP: Mija, it's okay to delete the app. Live your best life off of IG, disconnect from IG accounts to connect to YOURSELF, and come back when you're ready. At one point we all lived a pretty cool life without IG. 


  • Adriana

    I needed this. A great reminder that we’re human and no ones perfect. Focus on YOU. This will most definitely be my mantra for awhile. Thank you

  • Gabbs

    1:00am i stumbled on this amazing read, Everything I’ve been feeling summed up into to one Piece ❤️ I needed this.

  • Daisy

    So glad I read this, Thankyou, this is real!

  • Emily

    I just happened to stumble upon this and I didn’t even know I needed it. I love this so much. Sometimes we really do need to just unplug and focus on YOU

  • Elisa Sofia Castañeda

    Wow, just discovered you brand and i am obsessed! Finally found a brand that captures my “mujer con poder” mentality and i am in love. Im buying for myself and friends, telling everyone at my Latino Student Association at my university and will be rep’n for the rest of my life! Thank you

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