Hey Bonita, let me ask you something that might make you think outside the box...

Do you ever wonder why some words register as good and others as bad?

I used to hear this one word. A ‘bad’ word you would be called if you weren’t submissive.

You couldn’t stand up for yourself or create boundaries for yourself without being labeled a cabrona.

Because of this, I had this habit of allowing people to treat me like shit. I didn’t want the ‘Cabrona’ label so I made sure to avoid it at all costs. Even if it cost me my self-worth.

But as an adult, I think about that word and what it means to me now.

And let me tell you, there’s so much power in being a Cabrona.

To me, a Cabrona is the one who doesn’t settle for less. She’s the one who isn’t afraid to throw it down with life.

When the doors close, she’s like alright cool, let’s make our own house.

A Cabrona will never let the opinions of others dictate how HER lifetime will be spent..

She’s everyone’s hype woman but isn’t afraid to keep it real with you. She’s that friend that loves you so much, she’s gonna tell you what you have to hear.

A Cabrona knows what to say to light the fire inside you.

I think you get the point, mijas...

I’ll end it with this last note...

Cabrona, you better keep that chin up and do what you gotta do.

Life is tough, but you’re tougher. And I hope you know VLB is that space where Cabronas unite on the internet so you don’t feel like you have to face the world alone.

Love, Rachel.

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  • YES!!! Sometimes it’s the culture we’re raised in, but that doesn’t mean it’s right. Thank you for empowering and helping Cabronas unite. SO much love!

    Monica C. on
  • I love this! You speak so much volume into being who u are an to be proud of that. A lot of woman need that reminder💕

    Alex on
  • I loved reading this! I’ve been called a cabrona my whole life, mostly because I never did as I was told to. So i took back my power and use it when describing myself. However I could never understand why chingona was used so much more than cabrona, and still many people associate it as a more negative term than chingona. Either way, I appreciate this so much, because I am a cabrona with a big heart ♥.

    Brittany on
  • Thank you so much, today I was having an extremely hard time I’m in the process of letting go of an unhealthy relationship that I allowed to continue for months. He was all a dream that I created in my head. This dream was slow and painfully let go of but I’m finally ready to do it! This message was for me and everyone else out there who needs to be reminded it’s okay to stand up for yourself, if you don’t no one else will! Thank you Rachel♥️

    Mel C on

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