Hey Bonitas, it’s me again! If you’ve read any of my previous letters you know there is one thing I can’t stress enough and that’s SELF AWARENESS.. I like to sit down and take a moment to understand how I see the world…What vibe am I on? How am I understanding this lifetime? What do I need to unlearn? 

Normally I write about my life on this blog, but this time I wanted to know about yours.

Over the weekend I asked what Thanksgiving meant to you on IG. I think it’s so important to have an open mind and really listen to the other humans we are sharing this space with. It’s one of the most respectful things you can do. 

I wanted to share some of those responses with you all and show thanks to the Bonitas who gave us some perspective. 

After going through the answers, I feel more aware of how complex this day can be. This day brings so many feelings and opinions that are all equally important. 

I hope today's letter also shows you how others view this day and I hope you understand that a disagreement is not rooted in hate. How can you tell someone what they’re feeling and experiencing is wrong? These are true, authentic, and honest feelings. We all go through the days together but experience them completely differently.

In the end, we should all try our best to understand without judgment, love without a need, and be grateful for what truly matters. Most of you are grateful for your time, your health, and your family. I think that energy is beautiful. 

I am so grateful for this space I get to share with you online. This experience continues to open my eyes to the complexity of our being. I feel comfort and discomfort simultaneously. I understand but still have so much more to learn. You make every day special just by being here with ;) 

I hope you know you are appreciated and feel my love. I am giving you all the biggest virtual hug. I hope you all have a safe and season full of good! 

Love, Rachel

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