The epiphany that changed my life

The epiphany that changed my life

Hey Bonitas,

I want to tell you about a moment in my life that completely changed my path, made me a stronger woman, and is a big part of Viva La Bonita.

It was 2 AM. I was living with my grandma at the time. My son had just been born and as I stared at him sleeping peacefully, I was faced with what I felt was the toughest decision of my life. 

See, my maternity leave was almost up. I had to go back to work soon. Which is fine, but what made this such a hard choice was that I worked 60 hour weeks at my job and Viva La Bonita was starting to work. There was no way for me to work like I used to, take care of my son, AND give VLB the attention it needed to grow.

I kept saying to myself “just go back to work, put VLB on hold, and pick it back up when your son is older.” That was the safest thing to do, right? But it hurt B. It hurt looking at my son while he slept and thinking work came first, he came second, and VLB last. 

My inner voice kept making up all these scenarios. What if VLB doesn’t work? What if I’m wasting my time? What if I’m not a good mom? What if… What if? WHAT IF?!?

But then… a thought came to me.

What if…. I quit my job and everything DID work out….?

That thought made time stop.

I laid in the dark. A moment of silence that made my thoughts louder than they had ever been.

What if... I was a great mom?

What if… VLB worked out EXACTLY as I imagined it?

What if… I stopped letting all these pendejadas(as my grandpa would call them) stop controlling my life and acted like they could kill me?

I knew they couldn’t actually kill me but they were hurting my mental state!

They were keeping me from living the life I wanted to live.

Everytime I had to make an important choice, these pendejadas would get in the way and make me choose something bad or the safer choice. Not the one that would be most beneficial to me.

At that moment I said out loud, I would not let the negativity control me anymore. I will avoid it at all costs.

I became allergic to pendajas. 

allergic to pendejadas black

From then on, I made that saying my mantra. Allergic to pendajas.

 It has guided me towards success, made my relationships with family and friends blossom, and made me eat healthier cuz too much fast food is low key a pendejada too.

Anything that makes your life or body worse is a pendejada

Toxic relationships… Pendejadas

Getting on IG just to get mad and ruin your day… Pendejadas

Hanging out with that one friend who you KNOW causes you to make bad decisions you regret later… Pendejadas

The truth is most pendejadas start in our minds. Most of the time we are our biggest enemy and worst influence.

Even to this day, when I’m making an important decision for my family or for VLB, the pendajas try to cloud my judgment and make the wrong choice. It never really goes away.

But the more you avoid them, and listen to the chingona inside you instead, the quieter that negative voice gets. And the easier it is to do the right thing.

Every time you’re faced with a tough choice and the negativity gets louder, tell yourself you’re allergic to that B.S and turn your thoughts towards the good outcomes.

If you feel that voice is too quiet to find in those moments, practice self-care daily Bonita. 

Meditate, use affirmations, drink water, take a deep breath, spend time with your loved ones, call your parents. Anything that puts you in a better mood and helps your heart and soul grow. 

Try it for a week. I promise you it will change your life.

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  • Thank you SO MUCH for your Honest and Powerful Life Story!!!!! I needed it much!!! Lots of love from a Latina from Venezuela living in Germany since 2003. God Bless you. Lots of SUCCESS for you Goddess

    Marian on
  • This is what we all need to be doing… I myself have been learning to ignore the pendejadas. I had been mentally struggling for quite a few years because I felt like I had lost my purpose in life. I started reading self help books and slowly but surely life has been improving and then I found your clothing line! Your hype and positivity is what I was trying to find for myself and then I found a brand that was giving it!! I truly appreciate you taking a chance and putting your all into VLB! Many of us need and needed your spark! :)

    Sally on
  • While on the journey of coming into myself, being more confident in my own choices and diving into my love of fashion, I came across you. Everything happens for a reason and I’m feeling this. Asè & Cuídate my love.

    Bre on
  • I really like these blogs. They are bringing me closer to the brand and I really enjoy how deep of a connection you have to it. Congratulations on all your hard work and happy Thanksgiving💓💓💓💓

    Yeli on
  • Wow! Reading this just inspired me to go even harder. I love your story, picking the entrepreneur life is not easy. Lot of bumps in the road but it’s
    Worth it. I definitely agree on the Pendejadas. It’s a fact cut off that negativity off and you’ll grow. I’m so glad you followed your heart, I’ll definitely do that same. – Keilayé ❤️

    Keilayé on
  • I love this!!! Get it girl 💗💗💗💗

    Andrea Valencia on
  • I love and appreciate your story. Adopting your mantra because it keeps me firme <3 blessings

    Riki on
  • Thank you for sharing…it makes it buying from your store even more special. I have purchased four items so far and love them all!!! Wishing you more success as you continue to grow🖤🖤🖤🖤.

    TIta on
  • Thank you for writing this! It reminda me that pendejadas are all around us and we have to focus on what’s most important to us and our family. 🙌 Thank you for making products for us brown girls. We need our voices seen and heard! Much live to you and yours mama! Gracias por todo lo que haces.💋


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