The Most Important Part Of Your Day

The Most Important Part Of Your Day

Girl, let me ask you something. 

What is the most important thing you should be doing for yourself?

Did you think Self Care?

I hope you did. ;)

Let me tell you why.

It doesn’t matter how or how many things are on your to-do list or how big your goals are for the year.

If you don’t take care of yourself, Mija, las cosas are gonna get bien crazy. Internally. 

Honestly, self care is so many things and can look different than others. It’s not only physically, it’s about taking care of yourself emotionally and mentally. 


You’re on your journey B! You gotta pull over and put gas periodically right? Your *inserts Selena reference carcacha, aka Mind, is getting you to all of the places you dream of. 

Your mind is the most beautiful thing you have. And when you’re mindful of the type of content you take in, your energy changes. Change the way you think, change your life. Cue the Take Care Mija hashtag on IG! 

Back in the early days of 2019, I unintentionally started this Sunday morning  tradition on the Viva La Bonita IG page. I would post words of advice, motivational quotes, etc. to help us start the week with a fresh mind. A new perspective. A feeling of anything is possible.

Girl, it’s almost the end of 2020. And if there’s anything we learned this year, it was “Do what you gotta do, but take care of yourself.”

Creating a collection for the VLB Brand, titled “Take Care Mija” was such a beautiful moment for the brand. And I’ll tell you why.

People are going to love dope the clothes and content we make, but remembering the feeling of empowerment VLB gave on the daily will be unforgettable. 

Self care is empowering. 

Growing up Latina, self care wasn’t a thing. It wasn’t “for us.” I wanted to change that narrative. 

Taking care of your whole self will be the most productive thing you can do. 

Do it your way, do what makes you feel good. 

It might be venting to your homegirl about the day. Creating a mood board with motivational quotes. Maybe it’s getting into your favorite PJ’s, lighting your favorite candle and putting some Bad Bunny on to forget about the day. (That actually sounds really nice) 

And honestly, it might be doing NOTHING at all for a day. No phone, no internet, nothing. And that’s perfect.

Whatever it is, TAKE CARE MIJA.

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  • Let’s Collab!

    DAvid on
  • The “growing through it” tees, any with roses on em? Somma comin and the shirts are so cute ima bout to buy a long sleeve and cut em! Also you ask us to tag and share. . You share your fans “big ups & tags” to your insta stories? I don’t see any. I would love to see more community or should we just hashtag rather than actually tag LaViva? I’m A big fan and asking seriously.

    Jessica Morrow on
  • Honestly your self care notifications are what really get me through the day sometimes. I genuinely an really thankful yall do this!! And this blog… seriously you have no idea how much this helps us get by sometimes. Yall are next level ish!!!

    Miriam on
  • 😍love this Cuídate mija

    Gladys Pirruccio on
  • You know, you make me love being a feminist chicana that much more. I love your inspirational quotes and visuals. I never liked T-shirts that had quotes on them but VLB is the exception. Your ig page made me realize that girls who look like me who have brown skin, hair, and eyes are that beautiful and deserve a SOLID place in the beauty industry, just like anywhere else too. I had to get the black “cabrona” t-shirt because you made me see that when my dad calls me a cabrona, I shouldn’t really feel offended :) <3 lol I would love for you to come back to Logan and go to your bodega gallery! I had a meeting and missed it 🥺
    Thank you for your art, take care bonita.

    Elisa Bahena on
  • I wish you made shirts that were Vneck……Just a thought….

    Anna on

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