Viva La Bonita x Nordstrom

Viva La Bonita x Nordstrom

Hey Bonitas! 

Guess what?

You can now shop some exclusive Viva La Bonita styles on!

Viva La Bonita Scorpion Rose T Shirt

This is such a dream come true and I’m honestly still processing all of the feelings.

But before I keep going, I wanted to thank YOU. Because of this beautiful community we have, Viva La Bonita exists.

I will never get tired of thanking you all.

Viva La Bonita Self Love Club T Shirt

For those who don’t know much about me, I use to work at the mall since I was a teenager up until 2016. I would dream about the day I would be a business owner while on lunch in the food court.

I would talk about Viva La Bonita with my co workers and wish I would get ONE sale.. Just one..

Now, you can find us at Nordstrom, Foot Locker, and Zumiez. The same stores that would be at the malls I worked at.

Viva La Bonita essential Set Nordstrom

These partnerships aren’t just business ones for me.. They're proof that with hard work, faith, sacrifice, and consistency, your dreams might just come true.

They also prove that our “locuras”, our ideas, are just as valid as Nike, Stussy, and so on..  

Viva La Bonita is a small, family operated business that started in my grandma's house.

Dream Big, Mijas. Because we are all worthy & capable of turning what we love into our legacy.

Viva La Bonita Self Love Club Hoodie

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  • Your models are wearing a Bonita necklace. Where can I purchase

    Kim on
  • Felicidades on having ur merch @ Nordstrom, Nike & Zumies! That’s awesome!!! I’m happy 4 u 🥰 I haven’t shopped in ur shop since 2018 !!! I remember meeting you @ one of ur pop up stores here in SF! :) I hope u do a pop up shop here again, I missed out on one of ur newer bonita bags, hope in the future you bring out some cool lunch boxes or cute backpack for work ;)

    Ezzy on
  • I love your gear wish you bring back oldies I see but aren’t for sale. I’m puerto rican and my family loves your work. I got my sister in law and step daughter rockin with your line keep up the work love it and can’t wait to get more.

    Inelise Rivera perez on

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