Hey Mija! We are so excited to finally share this shoot we got to do with the Austin-based Latina sister trio, The Tiarras. Just like Viva La Bonita, their mission is to spread inspiration through empowerment, unity, and culture. We want you to get to know them a little more personally, so here is an interview for you to get to know them better! 🫶🏽


Hey Sophia, Tiffany, and Victoria! Thank you so much for shooting with us. Can you tell us a little bit more about yourselves for our BONITAS?

“We are a Latina sister-trio composed of Tiffany our bass player, Sophia the drummer, and Victoria our guitarist and vocalist. We are genre-defying artists on a mission to spread inspiring and empowering messages through our eclectic yet refined sound. Outside of playing music, Tiffany is a nurse, Tori is an audio engineer and Sophia is a recent graduate with a business administration/marketing degree.” 


You guys are your own B-SQUAD and we love a Bonita who is siempre en la calle with her hustle! When were The Tiarras created and what made you all decide to form the band?

The Tiarras were created in 2012, but we began learning our instruments a few years prior to that. We all grew up playing instruments. Tiffany learned the piano first and later transitioned to the bass. Tori (Victoria) was learning guitar and Sophia was getting drum lessons. We were all playing an instrument and decided to listen to our family's funny joke and actually form a band.”


VLB was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, also known as “The Valley”. We find huge inspiration from our neighborhood. Can you tell us a little about the town you grew up in? What was it like?

“We grew up in Austin, Texas, the live music capital of the world, so there was always a show happening within our reach. We were exposed to the celebration of musicians in the city, which encouraged us to keep going with our band. Even though we were under 21, a great deal of venues allowed us to perform [under the condition] of our parents being present. We still reside in Austin and the love for us here has only grown.”

What is it like making music in Austin, TX?

“Making music in Austin is refreshing. There [is] a community for all genres and a community you can always lean on for support. The people that live here are loyal to the live music scene and venues have a beautiful symbiotic relationship with the creatives.”

What inspires your sound? 

“Our sound is inspired by a myriad of genres, narratives, and identities. We love to blend cumbia, reggae, indie pop/rock, and neo-soul sounds into our songs to stay true to our roots and embrace the modern landscape of music. Our experiences heavily influence our music as well. We’re 3 Latinas that love hard, embrace sisterhood/familia in every way, value empowerment, and are often in our feelings. A few of our influences are Santana, Selena, No Doubt, Chicano Batman, and Kali Uchis.”

Where did the inspiration for your song “Soy Chingona” come from?

“Our song “Soy Chingona” was inspired by multiple generations of Latinas that paved the way, broke glass ceilings, and cultivated a community of celebration and sisterhood. A few years ago, we started playing shows at markets and saw the word “Chingona” on merchandise. It sparked the conversation between us about what it meant back then versus now so naturally, we wanted to jump on the reclamation movement through music.

“Soy Chingona” is an affirmation. It’s an expression of perseverance, resilience, and a celebration of ourselves and each other. “

What and/or who encourages you to grow through any obstacles you guys have had to overcome?

“When obstacles rise to the surface, we always lean on each other and our family for encouragement. The sacrifices and stories that our abuelos, tias, and parents lived, serve as a reminder to keep going. As sisters, we consider ourselves a ride-or-die team and will always be there no matter what. We remind [e] of our “why” when times get tough because in many years, we’ll be the Abuelas and storytellers of the family and we need an electrifying story to tell. “

How has wearing Viva La Bonita impacted you?

“Wearing Viva La Bonita brings a sense of empowerment and style that you can't find anywhere else. The clothing highlights the confidence that we have within ourselves and helps us stay in our element in the studio and beyond.”

What is one of your favorite VLB quotes and/or collections and why?

Our favorite collection would have to be “Nunca Sola” with the quote “your angelitos always got your back. Trust in them, in yourself and everything will fall into place, Mija.” We've always been told by our mom that we have angels that are always looking over us. Whenever we go off to our shows, our mom prays over us for a great show and for protection, so this collection really means a lot to us. 

If you had to pick a song that embodies BONITA, what would it be and why?

“We picked the song “After The Storm” by Kali Uchis as a song that embodies BONITA. This song talks about being kind to our spirit through tough times. It's about not giving up when we are in our most difficult darkest moments because after the storm, comes the true beauty. BONITA is an inspirational brand as is this song.”

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BONITAS: The Tiarras (Sophia, Tiffany, Victoria) 

@thetiarrasofficial (Tik Tok, Instagram)

Photographer: Jay Ybarra

Location: Austin, Texas

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