"Follow your dreams. They know the way." (Kobi Yamada)

   It is a quote that takes up space across all of our pinterest boards, mood boards, and even vision boards. Inspiring us to pursue dreams big and small, but we would be lying if we didn't say the idea of it is much easier said than done. Sacrifice and commitment don’t come with an easy road, but we like to think that Viva La Bonita continues to prove that believing in yourself is not only worth it, but the most important thing of all.

   From humble beginnings in the corner of Rachel's Grandma's house to now being essential in the closets of fashion and cozy-clothes lovers across the world, Viva La Bonita and the BONITA Pop Up Experience has evolved immensely over the past 6 years. Through these opportunities, VLB has been able to meet BONITAS from all over the country and create memories with them through our pop ups. 


   Since our first days at Smorgasburg in DTLA, early Sunday mornings were often reserved for packing Rachel's car with a few boxes of merch, rolling racks, and a Starbucks iced coffee. With the help of Nadine (our Merchandiser and Rachel's sister) and a little pink VLB pop-up canopy, Bonita Sundays at Smorgasburg and the Bonitas who visited paved the way for where our pop ups are now.

   Of course, there were good days and bad days, peaks and valleys that are a part of life, but the memories we were able to create with our team and our community is so dear to us since it pushed us to be where we are today. We will always be so grateful for the space Smorgasburg has provided us to grow in. We still drop in on Sundays once every month, but with our Big Pink VLB Truck!


   As the company underwent an incredible metamorphosis from a little pink tent to a big pink truck, Viva La Bonita saw a massive shift in how much attention and love the brand was receiving from Bonitas in real life and through social media. With hard work and immense faith, VLB witnessed our dreams become reality.

   VLB continued to evolve and eventually created its first "storefront" pop up experience: “Tacos & Chill”. It was a kickback, carne asada, and pop up all rolled up into one. It even grew big enough for us to host at the infamous Pink Motel in the San Fernando Valley!

   Without love and support from our amazing community, we wouldn't have been able to continue to grow our pop ups into spaces in Silverlake, Boyle Heights, San Francisco, and San Diego! With the pandemic greatly impacting in-person experiences like this, it gave us the time to regroup and plan for what VLB has in store for the future!

   Thanks to you all, we got to see the love at in-person events again!! We even got to produce our first annual BOONITA Nights Pop Up in Burbank, CA! It was an espooky Bonita experience with exclusive VLB Halloween merch and deals galore! Since then we have been planning our return to San Diego to host a very VLB Holiday experience pop up shop!


Drop in for a very BONITA Holiday in DAYGO. The BONITAS in Day Go Holiday Pop Up will take place Saturday, December 17 from 11AM - 7PM and Sunday, December 18 from 11AM - 5PM. You can RSVP here.

   We hope to see you there! Thank you for always showing up and showing us so much love! We are so so SO grateful and can’t wait to see what’s next for the B Squad!!

With Love,


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