In my 20's, I let a lot of shit slide. I put everyone and everything before myself. At 21, I gained this obsession with trying to make certain people like me. Which lead to me doing the most to seek validation from these people. When I didn't receive it, it would cripple me. I would question my self worth, I would question everything about myself, I would question my existence. I was self sabotaging almost daily. "WTF was I thinking" now comes to my head 10 years later. Yes, it took me 10 years to realize, I was worthy of receiving RESPECT. I wish I could go back and tell that younger version of Rachel that it's okay if she's quiet and shy. It's okay if she can't carry intellectual conversations but that doesn't make her the dumbest person in the room. It's okay to make mistakes. It's okay that she dropped out of college. It's okay to be misunderstood. It's okay if people don't like you. It's okay to exist as RACHEL. 

So if you're in the room, with someone who makes you feel like shit, and goes out of their way to disrespect you, learn how to remove yourself from the table. Nobody has the right to make you feel less than. RESPECT who you are in this very moment because she is a part of your evolution. Lastly, always show RESPECT, but walk away when the RESPECT is no longer being served. 

Much love, 



  • Shantel

    This message here hits hard and hits home. I respect what you’re doing and thank God we have been blessed with great wisdom in our 30’s. God bless your store, work, and you.

  • Rachel Puertas

    Wow!! Is it just me, or all Rachel’s feel this was there life? My name also is Rachel(with el not ael)I thought I was reading my life story.

  • Kat

    Hi Rachel! I can definitely relate to this. I am in a firm believer in your vibe attracting your tribe so self respect falls into this. You gotta stand up for yourself and let go of things and people who aren’t serving you. People treat you the way you allow them to treat you. Like you, I learned not to accept treatment I do not deserve and to let go of anything that isn’t serving me as an act of self love and self respect! I love what you are doing with your brand.

    Sending Love and positive vibes from a fellow Latina,


  • nm


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