BONITAS, thank you so much for your patience with the launch of our new collection, Nunca Sola. As always, we are so grateful for your guys' love and support and are so excited for you to see and experience what we have created for you! We hope to give you a little more insight and share a little bit of the inspiration behind the collection and its designs.

     The Nunca Sola collection holds such a special place in our hearts, just like our angelitos in real life. To us, Nunca Sola represents the girl who is living her life out of the norm; trusting her angelitos around her to guide her to live as her truest self. For some, those angelitos are energy. For others, it can be intuition.

     Growing up, we were always told that our angelitos were our family and loved ones who have passed on. We are regularly reminded that even though we can't see them anymore, they are all around us living in our hearts, forever.

     This collection is made up of 6 different pieces: two Nunca Sola hoodies in Black and Green, two Stressed Pero Blessed crewnecks in Baby Blue and White and two Nunca Sola t-shirts in Tan and Black.

      Our "Stressed Pero Blessed" crewnecks are meant to serve as a reminder that your angelitos always got your back. Trust in them, in yourself and everything will fall into place, Mija.

     The Nunca Sola angelitos were designed while taking different elements and characteristics that embody BONITA. It's what we imagined our VLB angels would look like. If you don't have a loved one or angelito to connect to, you will always have VLB and its angelitos as guidance, inspiration, or even just a place where you aren't alone.


The Nunca Sola collection is on and the official VLB App in the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android in sizes S - 3X.  🖤

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  • I love your guy’s clothing line. I’m a boricua from the Chi and appreciate my Latinas out in Cali between you guys and LatinaLifters, etc. You guys are truly hustling really showing that us Latinas are powerful, strong, independent, wise, and making it to the top. We can do anything we put our minds to. We will continue to grow as a community no matter the ethnicity but support one another as race of Latinas. Watch each other grow and be the generation known as making a difference and making moves out here. That’s why I will forever walk with pride wearing your clothing. You touch every latina with embracing that we can do anything, we will live life beautifully and conquer any obstacles that come our way. Stressed but blessed because we will make it through whatever comes our way because our families have come here for us to be successful and push to be better while still remembering where we come from.

    I end off by saying thank you to you all who have accomplished all that you have with this brand. I am proud of you guys who have not given up and made sure your voices were heard. You made sure this brand will make a name for itself and it truly has. Les quiero mamitas ❤️ Que dìos Los bendigas nenas. Ustedes mujeres son inspiradoras 🙌🏼

    -una boricua de Chicago con mucho amor

    Maddy 🇵🇷 on

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