Mujeres Making Magic

Mujeres Making Magic
When we dropped our Bonita apron earlier this year we were hyped to see the Bonita Squad in action. Mujeres in motion, from the creatives to las cocineras. Wherever they made magic, Viva La Bonita had their back. We met a few of these Bonitas and we realized just how much we inspire each other, passing on that jefa-type vibe just by being our true selves.
We all have a story to tell, talents to share, dreams to chase, mujeres going places at our own pace. But together, we’re going. Our journeys from dream to reality are more alike than we think. Our dreams are all born from passion, we all struggle with doubts, but when we believe in ourselves and we persevere through the pendejadas (bullshit/drama/etc.), those dreams are possible. We walk our paths, we fall down and get up and when we keep it pushing we win.
We share more than our Dream Big Mija energy or that Allergic to Pendejadas mindset, we share strength. That’s true for the whole squad, from the bosses about their business, to the Bonitas career-climbing, to abuelitas dishing wisdom from the dinner table. We come from a similar background, just like the 4 Bonitas featured here. As a community, as a B Squad, we share the magic to inspire and be inspired, if we experience similar struggles then why not similar success?



Michelle “Valley Girl Apothecary” (IG)
Mel De Paz (Website - IG)
Karly “Nails by Karly” (IG)
Heidi “HDG Treats” (IG)


Director: Alexander Cobian
DP: Cristian Lopez
First AC: Amir Rose-Aminifu
Photographer: Jamie Hurtado
Sound: Rich Harvey
Editor: Cesar Encalada 
Creative Direction : By Bonita
Art Wall: Red Ortiz / Alfredo Tovar Sr 
Marketing Assistant : Marissa Gonzalez 
Article Writer : Ryan Rodriguez 

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  • Un MILLÓN de Gracias por TANTA Buena Vibra y Motivación. Venezolana expatriada en Alemania desde el 2003. Madre de 1 niña de 9 años y esposa de un alemán desde hace 16 años. Bendiciones desde Hamburgo

    Marian on

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