Know Yourself Bonita

Know Yourself Bonita

Do you remember those group projects in school where they paired you up with people you didn’t really talk to and made you ask each other questions to get to know each other?

UUGGHHH I was always sooo embarrassed when it was my time to share.

I don’t know why but the moment they asked me about my hobbies, my mind suddenly forgot EVERYTHING I knew!

“Hmmm What do I do in my spare time?!?!”

Memories like those were my inspiration for the Bonita Essential Video with Sarah & Michelle


Now, you might be wondering, what’s the point of all of this?


When was the last time you asked yourself questions to get to know yourself?

I don’t mean those “ What should I eat for lunch” questions.

I’m talking about the ones that go beyond the surface.

The ones that make you feel a little uncomfortable.

“Am I where I want to be in life?”

“Am I happy with my actions today?”

Look. I know those kinds of questions can make you feel some type of way.

But if just thinking about it strikes a nerve, then it’s worth exploring. 

You’ve heard me say it before and I’ll say it again.

Growth happens outside of your comfort zone.

So next time you’re spending some time on self care, ask yourself the questions you’ve been avoiding.

And be honest with the answers you come up with.

You might just find out something life changing B 😉

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  • Such an inspiring post and video share. Thanks for this encouragement. I hope it brings you and the rest of us some peace and growth!

    Paloma Geeeeee on
  • This is such a positive message thank you for posting

    Ramona on
  • That was me too, I guess shy but also I realize now I wasn’t confident at all! I am a Pisces so I feel this message! I love your brand and what it stands for!


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