Guerrera Going Places

Guerrera Going Places

Hey Bonitas!

I'm so excited to announce a new piece from our collaboration with Guerrera PR,  Travel With Purpose, and Conciencia Collective.

Last year we brought you the one of kind Tie Dye Guerrera T-Shirt and we donated 60% of all proceeds to the Guerrera x Viva La Bonita Scholarship Fund

The fund helped Latinx, Black, and Indigenous girls chase their dreams.

This time we created a beautiful hoodie for you all.

The Guerrera Going Places Hoodie

This piece symbolizes the drive that all Bonitas have inside of them. That fire that lights your way and will get you to wherever your heart leads you.

All proceeds from this piece will go towards the scholarship fund. By supporting this release, you are directly empowering another Bonita to make their dreams come true. 

You can get your hoodie here.

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