Carla Morrison x Viva La Bonita Interview

Carla Morrison x Viva La Bonita Interview

What sparked your decision to collaborate with VLB? What is a BONITA to you?

"I like their brand, they are a badass company. The way they celebrate every-day mujeres bonitas aligns a lot with what I do with my music. Bonita to me is a woman that radiates light and happiness and is imperfect in the perfect way." 

What was your experience like shooting the campaign for the Carla Morrison X Viva La Bonita collaboration? What is your favorite piece from the collaboration?

"My experience was great, I felt safe and at home all the time. It felt like I was with long time friends, it made everything very easy. I love all the products, everything came out amazing and I am really in love with the design but if I had to choose I would I would pick the shirt."

Carla Morrison Obra de Arte Viva La Bonita

Can you tell us a little bit about your connection to Familia: TQLM and the Trans Latina Coalition

"We loved the idea of giving back to a small organization, being that the song is all about celebrating yourself just the way you are. I had originally just thought of Trans Latina Coalition. Then I met Diego and she told me about the organization she works for and we I’m very happy to be partnering with them as I love and respect what they do."

Do you feel like the international pandemic affected your creative process? If so, in what ways?

"Yes, it has affected it. It has become even more purposeful for me to sing about other topics other than heartbreak. It has motivated me to write about other subjects other than love. Like Ansiedad and self empowerment."

Carla Morrison La Luz en mi viva la bonita

What was the most challenging part of creating Obra de Arte? What was the most fulfilling part?

"The most challenging part was trying to explain it to my producers who are men, trying to get them to understand the message I was trying to convey while building the track. They were very accustomed to my old sound and this was just so fresh that they were afraid to go all the way and when they did, it was done, but it took us some time to get there. The most fulfilling part was actually finishing it and sounding exactly how I wanted it, a celebration, a day to day catwalk for everyone who wants to celebrate being an obra de arte and last but not least the lyrics, since I had never written something like this.":

Carla Morrison Viva La Bonita Obra de Arte


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