4 things to do before you quit your job.

4 things to do before you quit your job.
So you want to quit your job? Welcome to the good life! It's easier said than done Mujer. The key to success and a peace of mind is to: PREPARE! Once you make the decision to be your own JEFA and be in control of your life, it's about to get real (in a crazy, scary, but good way). When I told my family I was quitting my job, they were low key scared, but to my surprise they were down for the ride. Don't stress out about the things you can't control. The people who care about you the most, are always going to be worried about you. Pero, don't let people scare you out of your dreams. Here are 5 things I did to prepare my life before I quit my full time retail job and became a JEFA.
  1. Figure out what your monthly overhead is to make sure your side hustle is going to be able to cover these expenses. This should include the things you have no choice in paying monthly. For example: Your rent, school payments, utility bills, etc..once you got that number, start budgeting, saving, and cutting out the extra weight you can't take on your flight to JEFA world. 
  2. Make sure your side hustle is not only making ends meet, but it's a PROFITABLE business. No matter what some people may tell you, I learned it takes money to make money...Remember, your business money, IS NOT YOUR MONEY. It's money to keep reinvesting into your business so that one day you can pay yourself more at the end of the year than you would have working a full time job. ;) That day may seem so far away Mujer, but it's coming..ten fe. 
  3. Make a lifestyle change. Once I became a full time BONITA, I had to make some serious lifestyle changes. The safe world of having a paycheck every 2 weeks was long gone. But once I made these lifestyle changes, I realized how much money we actually don't need to live life. Sure, I don't have the fancy Nikes every month, but is that why we're wasting our life at a job? To stunt on the gram? 
  4. Save your money. As crazy as this may sound, I knew I was going to quit my job a few years before I actually did. In between the long ass retail hours and my long Viva La Bonita nights, I saved my money. Here's another thing to remember: YOUR JOB IS YOUR INVESTOR. Take full advantage of that Mujeres. I saved as much as I could from every single paycheck, even willingly worked as much overtime as I could to save for my future. You want that "be your own boss life right? So take control and commit to building the life you want. Nothing worth having comes easy. 

Basically what i'm trying to say, is strategize, prepare, and commit. Things are going to be fun but dam, you're going to have some crazy ass moments. But that's what makes your story worth telling Mujer. Embrace all of the thorns that come with blossoming into the baddest rosa in the garden. 



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