3 easy actions to take when you're feeling overwhelmed.

3 easy actions to take when you're feeling overwhelmed.

I'll start off blunt. Clocking in day in, day out from a stable job is easy. Hear me out.. When I worked as a full time fashion retail Store Manager, I knew where I was suppose to arrive, what was on my agenda, what time I was taking lunch, and what time I was clocking out. I knew how much I was going to get paid each month, when I had a day off, and could casually plan nights out with friends & my boo. Sure, every job comes with hard work, dealing with people you don't want to deal with, and probably being stuck in a box where you'd rather much be sitting on the park eating a paleta and breathing in some fresh air, can be mentally draining. Truth is, las que quiren trabajar, se chingan, day in and day out. Translation in my family: The ones who want to work, will work until the wheels fall off. My life now may seem glamorous to the outside. But truth be told, this is the hardest I have ever worked in my life. I won't bore you with the details (maybe for another day/blog post). What I'm trying to say is, I am just like you Mujer. I go through it too. But I have learned how to channel my inner diosa and give life a wink in the eye when shit gets hard.  

I am not perfect, not every idea I have works, and not everything I do comes out successful. I get overwhelmed, I cry, I stress out, and I feel myself running slower. If you've felt like me in the past and still don't know how to shake off the funk, try these 3 things I practice every time I need to put my pilas on. ;)


  1. Instead of sitting in a break room for lunch, take it outside. Eat in your car, sit on the grass, take a walk around the block, and PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN. Just listen to the sounds of the world, or put on some of your favorite music. Music is so powerful, create playlists..relajate mujer, relax. 
  2. Unfollow people/pages on social media who are not making you feel good about yourself. Enough with the social media politics, if it's making you feel some type of way and not in a good one, UNFOLLOW. What you consume your vision with, your mental space is so important. Nurture that mind mujer. It's all we got. ;) 
  3. Stop stressing about the things you CAN'T control. Think about this one, read it over and over. The things you can control, take control of it. This is YOUR life, YOUR story. You are the writer. No se te olvide Mujer, you are in more control than you think you are. 

You'll bounce back in no time. If you need to take a mental break take it. Nowadays, it seems like if you're not juggling 100 things at once and succeeding at every single one of them, "You're not really doing it." F*%$ that, stop putting yourself on society made standards and lifestyles. Your mental health is key. YOU DESERVE IT! #BeingAChingonaIsExhausting

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