3 cute things to do on Dia de las Madre's.

3 cute things to do on Dia de las Madre's.

Dia de las Madres is just around the corner mujeres. Although, we should be celebrating our mami's every single day, here are some fun ideas to make her day extra special. 

  1. Restaurants are EXTRA packed, and you know Latina moms favorite saying is "hay comida en la casa!" Plus, don't you dare let her see you enjoying food someone else made. Sorry chef. How about staying in and cooking for her? Growing up, I loved being in the kitchen with my grandma. Learning recipes, learning her techniques, and soaking in all the good conversation that goes down en la cocina. Show her that she's taught you everything from life lessons to getting down in the kitchen. Don't forget to wash the dishes chica. (Every latina moms dream) 
  2. Take her to get a mani and pedi. Book an appointment at a cute little salon or hit up your local nail shop. Be present in the moment with her, talk to her, listen to her, enjoy each others company. Then grab a little cafecito afterwards and just hang out. Remember, our mami's are our best friends. They will never turn their back on you. Treat them like one. 
  3. I lost my mom when I was 10 years old. So I had to make my own unique tradition to celebrate my mami. I keep her picture up in the house, light a coffee candle (her house always smelled like coffee), and place a bouquet of flowers by her picture. My life is crazy busy being a mom & running a business, it can get hard for me to make it to the cemetery on a daily basis. But on dia de las madres, I always make the trip. I sit there, have lunch, talk to her out loud, talk to her in my head. I put my phone on silent, and just sit there. Making the best of it. So, if you're mami has earned her wings try not to be sad. You can still celebrate her in your own unique way. Chin up Mujer, you're never alone. 

Our mami's raised us to be hard working, responsible, and passionate. We owe them the entire world. They sacrificed everything for us and here we are. Blossoming into beautiful mujeres changing the game. She wants YOU to be there, more than a bouquet of flowers and a loud ass restaurant. Be there with her in the moment. Talk to her, listen to her voice, ask her questions, get to know your mamis. Trust me, you will learn something new about her EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

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Please tell your mami Feliz dia de las Madres de parte de Viva La Bonita! 

Much love,




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