Heyyy BONITAS! How y'all doinnnn?


The VLB Team is settling back into the swing of things after some much needed rest after this wild holiday season. We hope you got a chance during this chilly, winter weather to indulge in some much-needed rest and relaxation. Imagining all of our BONITAS in their cozy ass VLB gear under their Virgin Maria cobijas drinking champurrado with one of our glass mugs is our literal drreaamm!! 🫶🏽 You know we already had our tiger cobija on deck for the ultimate cozy sesh!!

But on a more serious note...As this year's holiday season passed and the New Year welcomed us with open arms, we can't help reflecting on how magical this last year had been with you all. Thanks to all of you BONITAS through your support on social media and our VLB App, we were able to bring back our in-person Bonita Pop Up Experiences. We got to finally got to go back to San Francisco and San Diego, make our return to Smorgasburg, launch new collections and collaborations, and reconnect with you all in person! We even got to host our very own Halloween pop up in LA! The VLB Team definitely has some really exciting stuff up their sleeves for the future...

We can't spoil everything we have in store for 2023, but you bet we will be bringing back the BONITA Experience (to more cities, fingers crossed!!), we will be dropping lots of new collections (like our Nunca Sola Campaign dropping January 13 on Vivalabonita.com and VLB App at 12PM PST!!), y mucho mas! 🤫

Again, we cannot thank you all enough for being a part of Viva La Bonita's B-SQUAD.

Please tag us in your BONITA gear!! We love seeing you all rockin all of our favorite pieces during the cozy season!!

To a bombbbb ass year.

With Love,


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